At Long Last

As you can see I have added a LinkBar under the header image. It took me almost a week to install this little thing. At one stage I got so pissed that I was actually thinking about moving my blog to Wordpress as Wordpress offers static pages to their users (unlike Blogger). So it gets a lot easier to install this little feature.

Though it seemed very difficult at first, but in the end it turned out to be a simple job. The LinkBar contains links to two (Not-So-Static) static pages which contain the following sections:

*About - about me and my blogs

*Contact – my email address, yahoo IM and FaceBook link

*Links - blogroll and links

Thanks to TimeThief for getting me starded. Not everyone is as helpful as her.

(If you want to add a linkbar to your blogger blog and google fails to satisfy you, you can contact me)


  1. Hi Irtiza

    It is me, Adam from

    And I am here to avail you offer. Tell me, how to install links.

    I am here


  2. the nav bar is cool! much better than before!~