Victory Day : A Blogger's Thoughts

A Glorious Day

37 years ago, on this very day, a new nation was born. On this day Bangladesh emerged as an independent country after a nine month long war of liberation (26 March – 16 December) against the Pakistani government. It is indeed a great achievement for all the freedom loving people of Bangladesh and the most significant day in the history of out beloved country. Happy victory day...

The Great Sacrifice

The war of liberation began on 26 March, 1971 after the declaration of independence by Mr. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. From that day some 175,000 freedom fighters (East Bengal Regiment & Civilians) and 250,000 Indian soldiers fought side by side against 100,000 Pakistani soldiers and 25,000 Para-military. Yet the Pakistanis managed to kill 3 million soldiers and civilians, and rape 300,000-400,000 women (as young as 8, as old as 75) in just nine months. Yes, I know, no great achievement is achieved without great sacrifice.

A video about rape victims:

No body plays with fire:

National anthem sung by freedom fighters:

The joy after victory:

Further reading: War of 1971 Wiki, Women in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Genocide.

But I Can’t Be Happy

37 years have passed. But still we are unable to honor this great sacrifice. Our freedom fighters didn’t lay down their lives to give birth to a nation which has the reputation of being the most corrupt country in the world (consecutively 5 times, 2001-2005. Bangladesh is now ranked 10). Bangladesh has honored the freedom fighters by letting them live like beggars on streets. Many of them are street hawkers, rickshaw pullers and day laborers. Hell, we don’t even know the complete list of the freedom fighters yet. Still there is dispute going on about how many people died in that war; some say 300,000 while some say 3 million…pathetic. 37 years have passed, but still we are unable to ‘do something’ the war criminals. Hell, the war criminals have now become our political leaders; we elect them- send them to the parliament and let them rule us. Mujahid, Nizami, Golam Azom are war criminals, we know it, they know it to. But still we are voting for them…

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Someday…maybe someday.


  1. Irtiza--this was such an informative post--I learned so much more about Bangladesh than I was ever aware of! Thank you for posting it.


  2. melinda, the pleasure is all mine.

    this post couldve been a little more informative though....

  3. Dost !! Valo likhsish!! bangali hishebe onek kisu jana hoilo re !! Video clips gulao jotil !! Simply awesome post !!!!!! =)

  4. Sauhrid, thanks for visiting. you can find more video cliks at youtube. just enter the search turm LIBERATION WAR 1971...


  5. Thanks for sharing that with us. I learned something too. Corrupt leaders are everywhere, and we can do little to stop it.

  6. Happy independence day, Bangladesh!
    As a young country we need to learn much. Not for showing ourselves to the world, but it's more to how the people of the country can be proud of their own first.
    Don't feel sorry of what you've been through, but proud of it that you can pass through all obstacles.