Life as i know it : Open for Suggestions

Dear readers,

As you all can see there’s no particular niche for my blog. I write about almost anything worth blogging. As it has its own benefits, is has MANY disadvantages also. One of the main problems I face due to not having a particular niche is that I often can’t decide which subject to write on.

I often have to be faced with this very hard decision- should I write on poverty, or should I ‘try’ to promote peace by writing a meaningful post? Should I spend a little time on writing about the environment, or should I go forward writing about health and self improvement? Or is it the time now to brag about my very own personal life?

In this dilemma I often find myself not posting for days. I strongly believe that I take blogging seriously and this ‘not posting’ thing puts stress and a little depression on me. So it gets even harder to concentrate…

So now, I have come to this understanding that I need the opinion and the help of my readers and friends. So from now on I’ll request you to suggest me a subject, any subject (related to L.A.I.K.I.) that you would like to see on my blog. I think by this L.A.I.K.I. can interact more with its readers and turn this simple blog in a happy and healthy community. It's a huge step for Life as i know it and I really hope to get your help.


P.S. Moreover it would be a little more challenging for me and I love challenges :D

*L.A.I.K.I. - Life as i know it


  1. Hi Irtiza

    It is Adam. Welcome to the party. Or should I say the club (Entrecard)?

  2. thank you. i have recently joined this community (or should i say CLUB....) and i am yet to figure out how it works....


  3. Hi Irtiza. We face a similar situation with my blog. What I've determined to do has simplified it greatly: I read on the web all the time, and when something strikes me as relevant, informational, inspiring and worthy of sharing with those who might never get to see it otherwise, I post it. Mine is not a sheeple blog; I assume those who come there are intellectually
    competent and naturally curious enough to handle a wide diversity of posts. This takes the pressure off me as to trying to post a lot to satisfy perceived reader demand. I have no clicks or ads, so that's not a factor. If even one person finds something of value that day, it was a success. So far, so good. Cheers!

  4. CoyotePrime, that's a great tip. to be honest i dont read a lot of blogs in a day. i better start reading in order to write...

    BTW, though i have ads in my blog, the aim for blogging is not making money. it's just a plus point.

    happy blogging

  5. Hey Irtiza, I second CoyotePrime :), I have the same problem, days goes by without any post and that really irritates me :P
    Well, what I try to do it, I stumble a lot on the web (am sure you know of the stumbleupon( tool), and when I find something interesting I either post it with reference or I try to discuss on it. In case I have something interesting or irritating going around my life I post that too (depending on my mood :D)

    Happy Writing!!

  6. LIPNA THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT. yes, i also am a stumbler... :D

  7. Hey. I'll have to third CoyotePrime. I also found myself in your position, Irtiza, (I had a mix of personal/music/games on my old blog) and I decided to change hosts and write a personal blog on anything I felt like writing when I had the time (reviews, music I've heard, inspiration I got, anything that came to mind). I think only you can decide what you want your blog to be about. Blogging is writing about what you like or want to tell others.

    Of the choices you put up, I'd suggest you focus on your life, with posts about poverty, peace promotion and maybe the environment. But it’s your say on this. Don’t write about what others force you too, that’s brainwashed journalism.

    Blog on!

  8. Hi Irtiza, I'm sorry for not following your blog for a while. I've preparing a new face of Stories of Picture for 2009.
    Please do visit and give any comments, critics, opinion, or else for me at Sneak Peek to NEW Stories of Picture 2009!
    I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  9. While am not totally against what CoyotePrime and others said, i still think its easier to post on a defined theme than wake everyday thinking about what you have to write for that day. So, I'll second 'Mercenary of Light' and advice that you focus on "life themes" like poverty, promoting peace, global inequality and/or environmental issues. Remember, however, that it is better and easier to choose topics that you like and can conveniently write something about, that takes the stress out of blogging.

    Am in a more difficult situation. I decided to blog on motivations and inspirations because I beleive i would be impacting people and at the same time encouraging myself to go on with life, despite the odds. Unfortunately, I've had to deal with ugly personal issues that its almost impossible to post anything motivational, recently. Lesson is, pick a theme that you will be able to write about, no matter the situation you are in. And whenever you're less busy, try writing several days post and saving them somewhere, they come handy on days when you can't come up with anything. This is ecoming another post, forgive me!

    Happy Blogging, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2009.