We Can Bring a Change : Election

For over 5 months now I am noticing this person in this same place. He definitely doesn’t work and I don’t see him going to person to person and begging for money. I wonder how he manages to buy food. I wonder how he managed the sweater and the cap which he is wearing now. His character strikes me as mysterious and interesting. I don’t know what but there is something about this lonely and poor guy which has made me to like him. I would definitely like to talk to him someday.

There are millions of people just like him in my country who are homeless and suffering a lot in winter. I can’t think of living under the open sky in these fogy and extremely cold winter nights.

The national election of Bangladesh is only 8 days away (29 December, 2008). I hope the people of our country wisely choose the person they are going to vote for. I hope the election result reflects the long cherished desire to bring a change in our country. A change, which will help people like that person in the picture. A change which will bring peace in this country, in the soul of the countrymen. I want to see a place named Bangladesh where no one is hostile to another person, where everyone gets up from a decent bed in the morning and can have a plate full of something to eat. I want to see a place where everyone is more or less helpful to one another. I definitely don’t want to see hundreds of people dying in the winter in cold or in hanger.

I hope this 9th national election brings a change… no matter how small it is. It has to start from somewhere.

I hope I am not living in ‘dreamland’.


  1. I hope your country gets the change it needs. The whole world needs change right now... America is getting it, but we need every part of the world to have change also to really change this world for the better.

  2. I hope your wishes for your country come true. In fact I hope that there will be a day when humans share what they have rather than hoarding it and creating poverty. IMO this day will not come until the vast majority of us learn how to meditate and experience consciousness. When we do that an awakening occurs that engenders compassion for those who are less fortunate than we are.

  3. Sahar, it has been a while. how are you? yes America is getting (will get soon) the change it needs (i sincerely hope). and it's high time for us that we had a change.

    TimeThief, i second your opinion.


  4. Yea...we are waiting for a better Bangladesh...we also want a CHANGE!!!!

  5. Vote! That's the least you can do. And that's what American people have proof to the world lately.
    We also gonna have an election in Indonesia in 2009. I hope everything goes well both in Bangladesh and here.

  6. thanks lipna and aldhis. i hope that the election in indonesia goes well to...


  7. I have the same hope for you and the whole world.

  8. I hope your country finds its rightful place where people can live in peace, freedom, and comfort.