Burning Heat Pouring Down

Bangladesh is in its mid summer right now. It’s so hot and humid out there. Even inside my room, with the fan spinning at full speed, it’s really hard not to sweat. Outside it’s 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I wonder what the man at Asad-Gate is doing now! I bet he has no place to go but the roadside shed where he is seen all the time. No one is waiting for him with a cool glass of water with ice floating on top. Hmm… I must be real fortunate.

Rain should come pouring down in 2-3 weeks. I guess then the heat will be reduced at least a little. Waiting for the rainy season to come… I love to bathe in the rain sometimes.

But the rainy season also brings disasters with it. Every year during this season Bangladesh suffers from terrible flood and inevitably after that, famine. Flood washes away a huge portion of our corps.

I blame us for this regular flood. If we didn’t fill up all those canals and marshy lands for our own “property development” we could have reduced the severe ness of the floods. It’s a matter of common sense that if we fill up low lands, water will eventually come up to the higher lands and will overflow everything.

I wonder what that person feels about the upcoming rainy season! I wonder what that man will do during that season! Does he have any favorite season? Which one will it be then? Summer- when he has to burn in heat? Monsoon- when he has to get drenched in every rain of the season? Or Winter- when he has to cover his body with only a torn piece of cloth?

I must be real fortunate.


  1. Irtiza,

    Personally, I like the heat more than I do the cold. I lived in California for so long that I became accustomed to warmer weather. Now, when we are in Massachusetts (where we live 50% of the time), I have such a hard time getting used to the cold!

    Glad to see you are still blogging. :)


  2. Oh! I just hope no one will be in danger.

  3. Melinda, thanks for your visit. i hope you get used to the weather soon (me to).