Bloggers Unite: Earth Day 2009

If you don’t care for this world, please don’t waste your time reading this post.

Today is the 39th anniversary of the Earth Day. The bloggers all around the world is participating in this day by answering the call of Bloggers Unite and writing a blog post on this day.

What is Earth Day?

I was having a lot of trouble fully understanding the meaning of the Earth Day. I wasn’t fully sure about what to write. So I had to google a lot to have a little idea. So according to my understanding the Earth Day is a day to observe the need to protect the earth and its equilibrium. It is also the day to raise awareness among mass people so that we can start performing for the betterment of the earth. It is a day to start appreciating the world around us and to stop abusing the environment for our selfish betterment.

A very brief history

Thanks to Gaylord Nelson, Richard Nixon and Denis Hayes, the Earth Day movement began its journey back in 1970. On the first Earth Day 20 million people came together and participated voluntarily. But now, on the 39th anniversary, over 500 million people and 175 countries are celebrating this day and working hard to protect the environment.

Let’s get on the same page

Is the world really dying? Yes. Because the resources are limited and we are speeding up the process by spending too much energy and polluting the environment. Willingly or unwillingly we are killing this world. Technically we have no love for this beautiful earth whatsoever as we abuse it all the time. Did you know that we could have reduced 95% carbon monoxide emission per person if we just rode on buses rather than cars? Because of our carelessness the world has become such a place which is dangerous for us to live in. For example, according to World Health Organization, in Cairo breathing daily air is like smoking 20 cigarettes a day! We are cutting down trees every second without any “backup plan” which has devastating effects over our environment; our earth. Rainforests used to cover 14% of land surface. But now it covers less than 6%. As a result the world is heating up, ice caps are melting and the environmental equilibrium is getting destroyed in a rapid pace. I wonder how long it will take to announce “the world is no more suitable for the mankind to live”. Is this what we want?

Let’s unite

Let’s try to bring a change. Let’s start to look forward to a better future where pollution is a yesterday’s topic.

* Let’s look for alternative ways to meet our energy needs. Renewable energy will play a vital role here. Renewable energy is generated from natural resources like wind, sunlight, rain, tide, geothermal heat. Windmill a wonderful example of the source of renewable energy. We have to try to set up windmills locally to meet the need of electricity. Further reading: wiki renewable energy

* We have to stop using plastic bags. A normal plastic bag can take up to 450 years to dissolve. Plastic bags (polybag) are also hard to recycle. That’s why we have to use paper bags instead.

* Though coal is a very common source of energy, it causes a lot of damage to our environment. We have to make this world coal free. Again, the alternative is renewable energy.

* Cutting down trees without any plan has to come to an end. If we cut down trees, we must plant atleast 2 trees there to fill up that empty space. If possible try to plant a tree in your backyard (or anywhere you like) within seven days.

* Replace your ordinary light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. And don’t forget to switch off the light/fan whenever you leave the room. Further reading: this time ~ this space

* Don’t ride on your car that much. Use bus, train and bicycle or just walk. It will reduce air pollution, oil/gas consumption and traffic jam. But if you really prefer to ride avoid mass transport, then you can use smart cars and bikes ran by electricity. It is important if you want to reduce 95% carbon monoxide emission caused by yourself.

* We have to have a control over the dangerously rising population. Over population spoils almost every act of saving the mother earth.

The Earth Day has a great responsibility; the responsibility to make people aware, the responsibility to start bringing a change- a change towards better, cleaner and greener future. And it is YOU who holds the responsibility of making this day count. I feel really happy to be born on this wonderful and meaningful day. I feel honored when I see that The Earth Day is also my birthday.


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  1. Great post and I love that you are supporting Bloggers Unite and Earth Day! I too am participating in Bloggers Unite in support of Mother Earth. Let's all keep spreading the word as each and every blogger does make a difference.

  2. Thanks RC for visiting and commenting. Thanks for participating on this event

  3. Prithibi dibos!!! Aida abar ki...??!!

  4. You wrote that it was initiated by Richard Nixon and you believe that criminal has any good will ? This is just a propanda for taxing 3rd wrld countries through high debt investment under the guise of alleviating poverty and now under the guise of alleviating pollution.

  5. I agree, it is our responsibility to start change for better future and to get clean, greener earth.
    We have to make changes in daily work as written by blogger.


  6. I'm so happy that you have joined the Bloggers Unite campaign to support Earth Day. I hope we move towards a time when we value and honor the Earth every day of the year.

  7. Granted, I'm a day late for this, as I was still recovering from a nasty little stomach virus. Great post! I've done the energy saving light bulbs (although word of warning - never break one), and I try to either not get plastic bags, or make sure I reuse them as much as possible so I don't just collect more and more.

    ~ Kristi

  8. Wow! This is really good...informative and for a good cause.

  9. @Elite Thinker, i respect your opinion. but, it's not me but the whole world that says that RN played a big role on arranging this event. i dont know the reasons behind this, but now this has become a great source of raising awareness. isn't it?

    @Rick, yes, it's our duty. there's no point in leaving the work to be done by others. let's just do it... thanks for your visit.

    @Timethief, i hope your wish (and all of ours)comes true...

    @Kikolani, oh! how is your stomach now? are you completely recovered? I hope you get well soon. nice to know that you have taken some initiatives. yes, small changes like this can and will result in a great contribution. carry on my friend.

    thank you all for visiting. hope to see you again.


  10. this single entry has made me a fan of your blog... way to go bro....