Pakistan and a Blogger's Thoughts

I wonder what is the future of the Middle East and South Asian countries. One after one, countries are falling down not only to terrorism but also to so called foreign “peace promoting wars”. Afghanistan and Iraq have already been devastated due to these issues. Terror attacks have been going on for a long time in India. Palestine is a dangerous place for the Muslims to live in. Peace in Bangladesh is also being hampered by the “muslim extremists”.

Now let’s come to the issue of Pakistan. Recent occurring in Pakistan has worried me a lot. I definitely don’t want to see the fall of this nuclear-power-nation to some terrorist organization. It will be a great threat to any civilization on this planet. I don’t know what politics is being played between the Pakistani government and the Talibans, but will feel a heavy sense of relief if I see Pakistani army blocking the forward march of this group of “muslim extremists”. And they have to do this before foreign soldiers come to the rescue and start another bullsh*t “peace promoting war”.

I hope these extremists stop their forward march before they reach Bangladesh. Sorry for being a little selfish but I don’t want to see my country being devastated by terrorists and foreign soldiers.



  1. I'm sure nobody wants to see their country being invaded by terrorists and foreign soldiers spreading mayhem and discord. I don't really see what can be accomplished by such brutal acts of fighting. Is the world really getting that small? Some people can't learn to live and let others live? Just a thought. Thanks :)

  2. @BP, thanks for your thoughts. :D