World Environment Day 2009: Duty Calls

The thworld environment day 2009eme of World Environment Day 2009 is “Your planet needs you! Unite to combat climate change.” This theme is to remind us about our involvement with the environment and the planet. Everything we do can and will effect the environment directly or indirectly. As our irrational and careless steps will devastate the environment, our “green steps” will come in handy in protecting it.

On this day, I am requesting you to take a minute of your time to look around and appreciate the planet around you. This beautiful world might not be so beautiful after a few years, if we don't act now.

Some random things you can do to protect the environment:

1. Plant a tree; help UNEP achieve the Billion Tree Campaign.
2. Learn how to reduce water wastage in home and try to maintain it.
3. Look for to alternative sources of energy like Renewable Energy.
4. Let’s switch off.
5. Don’t drive if you can walk the distance.
6. Reuse and recycle.
7. Protect endangered animals.
8. Visit UNEP’s Easily Green Your Daily Routine.

Small changes can and will result in a big solution if we all contribute. Make sure that you do your part and notify others to do their part.

What changes have you made to your home or your habit to help the environment? If you have posted on World Environment Day 2009 share the summary and the link of the post on the comment section. I'm very interested in reading your posts on this subject.

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  1. Now how did the environmentalist in me miss knowing about this day?

    Thank you for writing about it! I second all that you said as there is no better time than NOW to show that we care, and to bring about change. Piece by piece every action makes a difference and together we can do it!

  2. evita,

    it's not hard to forget about all these days as we keep ourselves busy in our jobs and staff. but what is important that you always remember to make sure that you dont spoil the environment surrounding you.

    best wishes

  3. Hello Dear,

    This is a very nice blog, I really appreciate your efforts on social & self development through this blog. Please keep it up...

    Rayhan Chowdhury

  4. Hi, didn;t know about this day. Thanks and I agree with you that all we need to do are small things to help save and conserve our planet.


  5. hi
    a great post.

    we need to do everything we can to save our world... because after all there is only one world we can live in.

    lets make a better tomorrow.

  6. @Rayhan Bhai, thanks for the wish.

    @Jenn, I visited your site and and happy to see that you are working to reduce global warming and climate change. keep it up. :D

    @Lakshmi, hey! your comment gives me a great idea. the last line can replace my crappy tagline... thanks

    Thank you all and really sorry for the late reply. My home's net connection was dead.

    hope to see you again.
    Best wishes