Make Your Logos and Banners

There’s a great website that helps you to create banners/logos/badges for free. Many of us are not experts of photoshop. So it gets very hard for us to do these things. But thanks to this site we can easily create our very own logo.


There’s a huge collection of styles to choose from. I've come across this site today and have made some badges for one of my posts from there. You can check it out.

How can i make my blog better?

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P.S. I have made a terrible mistake. i hope i don't have to suffer too much for that. But it was an honest mistake...


  1. Irtiza... Thanx for visiting my blog! By the way your blog is a nice one with pretty sharp articles!

    I didn't understand the things after P.S. If it is personel then don't bother to explain it to me:) .



  2. thanks 4 this link...its working 4 me to do my job is easy...hahahaha

  3. @ m@q,rillys= thanks for your comments. this link made my work easier also.