How Much Do You Care For the Environment?

I can feel winter is coming. The extreme hot weather has just started to fade a little. After sunset a cool breeze flows around this beautiful campus of ours. You know, winter is the favorite time of the year for me. So I’m pretty happy seeing the signs of winter. But in Dhaka, the capital city, I know that it’s still very hot and humid and I think it will remain the same for another one and a half month or more. The reason behind is nothing but lack of trees and too much pollution, in other words “greenhouse effect”.

As the world is getting smaller and education is spreading its wings over a larger mass, I think people are caring less and less about the environment. At least that’s how things look like from here. My last trip to Mymensing really made me think about the environment. The rate of literacy is really high there but pollution rate is more than that. It forces me to doubt the education system and the inborn sense of right and wrong.

Let’s get on the same page

1. We rely more on environment than the environment relies on us.

2. Global warming is a reality. And now the signs are becoming clearer by the minute. We are having less rain, the weather is getting hotter and in winter the cold is also more severe than it was in the past. You noticed it, right?

3. The nature does fight back. The number of natural calamities and the death count over the years has increased significantly. And it’s mostly our fault. Cutting down trees and destroying forests without any planning is an act of selfishness and it harms the environment and the earth a lot.

4. We need oxygen to breathe and oxygen comes from trees. 25% land space of a country needs to be covered by trees and forests for a healthy environment. But Bangladesh has only 16%. What about your country?

This article is written to make you think a little more about the environment. Caring and thinking about it will definitely help us to stop us from doing many unnecessary harmful things that we do to the environment. Maybe it will lead us to planting trees and recycling. We should make the most out of the environment/resources without damaging it. We should also stop wasting water, electricity and food if we want a better/safer future for our children and the generations to come.

Tell me what you think about it…

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  1. Hi Irtiza,
    Thanks for your nice post... We are making this world as worst place to live for the next generation.

  2. maybe things will change. we have to believe and make an effort. thanks for your comment ETW

  3. Hi, irtza... thanx for dropping to my blog, and what question did you mean?

    And we should create a nice environment for the next generation, I want them to see the blue of the sea, the green of the forest, the smell of orange and feel the warm of the sun... ^^

  4. @sayzlim, what they think about my template and blog... that question.

    may your wish come true...


  5. @Irtiza, sorry that I didn't reply your comments. I was worried if you put a tick on "followup comment", that's why I answer that in your blog.

    btw, you should consider reply every comments on others people blog. Because we aren't notified if you reply it on your blog.