Peace of Mind

For some days now I have been going through a really hard time. I am finding it really hard to find a little peace of mind. I have been thinking a lot these days…thinking about how to change, how to react and how not to. I am sharing some of my ‘findings’ with you. Notify me if they have been of any help to you. And you can always add yours in the ‘comments’ section…

1. Making the right choices in life is more important than living a life- that’s how I feel. You should never jump on doing anything without knowing all about it. You should try to get as much info as possible on that particular subject before taking any other steps. Thinking twice wouldn’t hurt you. But you may have to regret later if you don’t think before doing/saying.

2. Once you have set your mind on doing something (after giving it a really good consideration) you should go at it removing all doubts from your mind. Remember, half the fun is in the chase. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed. And most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t succeed. Now a days I keep telling myself to take things a little easy. Punishing yourself unnecessarily isn’t going to do you any good.

3. To release the anger I often workout and do other physical stuff. I would recommend you to do the same. It might sound crazy but as your body starts to get tired due to exercise you start to be mentally content and happy. This is a healthy and safe way of letting your anger and depression go away. It also helps you build self-esteem. It’s scientifically proven.

4. To find a little peace of mind you may also want to do the things that you love. Ask yourself- what do you feel passionate about? If it’s not anything antisocial/against-the-law then go with it. Follow your dream. Live your life.

I probably suck at giving self improvement tips. But when I’m feeling down I can’t think of anything else but improving myself and my self-esteem. And this is how this kind of posts are created. Please subscribe and give me your feedback.

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  1. no i have never tried meditation but i have thought about doing it. thanks

  2. very good ideas! I find that sometimes just taking a big breath when I feel overwhelmed actually helps. the only thing you can truely control in this world is the way you act and react to things. AND if you make major changes to be calmer, more in control, and just more at peace ... people will notice AND start to follow in your steps.

    remember though, we are ALL a little uneasy or out of control. everyone feels this way!

  3. BWABM, thanks for cisiting my site and leaving this wonderful point as a comment. hope to see you again.