Thank You For Your Comments

No matter how informative a blog post is, it lacks some issues that one reader might find out. And the reader can fill in the blank via commenting on that blog post. So I acknowledge comments as a medium of taking the certain blog post to nearest perfection.

I’ve seen in some of my posts (A Little Comparison, Self Development, I Do My Part, I am Not a Terrorist) my readers pointing out some issues which I could've added to those posts. They have added a different dimension and artistic (informative) value to those blog posts which I could’ve never done alone. When I get comments it feels like I'm not just talking by myself. So I’d like to take the time to thank all my readers and commentators for their help in developing this blog.

I’ve been blogging for over two months now. When I first started blogging I had little/no knowledge of this incredible thing (read: power). If I hadn’t got the help and advice from my online friends (TimeThief, EnjoyTheWorld and all of you) I would have been lost in this huge blogsphere by now. I have learnt very well that blogging is not just updating your weblog; it’s also helping out your fellow bloggers.

Blog on my friend...



  1. I think that in the beginning the blogger creates a blog and as visitors become readers who take the time to comment on post there is a shift that takes place. A blog community grows and all the meaningful discussion that takes place begins to help the blogger formulate a brand. Soon the blogger recognizes that he or she and his or her commentators have become co-creators.

    I very much enjoy my relationship with you and with your blog so today I'm adding it to my links page (AKA blogroll).

    May love and peace abound :)

  2. ohhh....i m speachless...i am big milestone achieved...thanks tt

    u r absolutely right about "co-creators"


  3. Irtiza,

    I've been meaning to come by for the last day or so--I have been in the middle of grading final papers and submitting final grades--it's been a very busy time!

    Your blog looks wonderful! It has come so far (and it was always good) but you are really getting into a nice pace with your writing and I really like the new formatting you are using.

    I really enjoyed this post (and thank you so much for your acknowledgement). You and I both know how beneficial blogging can be when stressed or depressed. It really does help to open yourself up in a creative way--unblocking our creativity can open up many other doors of the psyche as well.

    Take care,


  4. @Melinda, I am glad that you grading is over. i know how busy and painful it can be as my mother is also a teacher.

    you are most welcome. as you know, I have published your words of wisdom about stress and blogging in one of my posts: