Summer Vacation: Utilized Properly

So, the one month long summer vacation has ended at last. This was the only summer vacation when I could spend time as I wanted, not how the school or college wanted. That’s why it was a lot more fun. But more importantly, this was the first vacation that I utilized properly and beyond my expectations.

In this year I wasn’t quite able to spend as much time in blogging as I should. And this fact was bothering me a lot. So I decided to spend this vacation solely to blogging. I made a list of goals and what I had to do to achieve those at the very beginning of the vacation. Due to various reasons my readership along with the traffic rating had declined to a depressing stage. I had to do something to change this. Below I’m pointing out the things I wanted to do.

1. I knew I had to change the design of my blog. MrsBlog also helped me a lot to get started (thank you). So I made some necessary blog improvements which have made my blog look more professional. Also adopted some easy but essential SEO.

2. To retrieve the flow of traffic and faithful readership, I had to start posting regularly again. My primary goal was to post 2 articles a week. But I ended up posting 3 per week. That resulted in an almost 90% increase in the number of daily visitors.

3. So that I don’t fall in the hands of blogger’s block again, I decided to write some back-up posts. These posts will work as a ladder to get over blogger’s block.

I’m very happy to see how things have turned out to be.

Set up goals to maximize the benefit

I recommend that you also set up short term and long term goals. But don’t just sit there after writing the goals. Try to write down how you are going to achieve those goals and work hard to turn that into reality. Best of luck.

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  1. Summer Vacation! It reminds me of my last one on 2005. After that year, our dept always ruined it by placing the final exams on the vacation. :(

    Nice to see you've fought against blogger's block in such an organized way! Keep it up!

  2. @MW, hm, i guess i'll also have exams on summer vacation after this semester (i hate exams).

  3. Hey, thanks for the link to MrsBlog, my blog can always use improvements. And thanks for the inspirational article.

  4. mission accomplished hun!
    looks like u have really achieved wat u set out to do.
    your blog template looks great!
    did u make it yourself?

  5. @Ann Martin, MrsBlog writes wonderful honest criticisms about blogs which helps a blogger a lot. she has helped me a great deal. so it is the least i can do for her. :)

    @Lakshmi, :D i didnt make this template completely, but i worked on it alot to get this look.

    best wishes.

  6. The smartest thing one can ever do with a blog is to keep writing, because that's what keeps people coming. That, and visiting other blogs to make comments, which is what brought me here. Nicely written.

    Of course, since I didn't have an option for putting my email address in, I won't know if, or when, you respond to this; sniff.

  7. @Mitch, actually there is a option to subscribe to this thread. just below comment box there is an option saying "Subscribe by email". maybe you could use that.


  8. Hi...i'm Anna. great blog and good article.It reminds me of my vacation when i was in school and college.So nice were those days...i wish i could get them back.
    Anna Michaels