Month Review & Reader Appreciation: July 2009

Month Review

I’m happy to tell that I have posted 7 posts this month. I was really busy all through this month with my exams. So, I couldn’t post as much post as I would have wanted. 3 of my favorite posts this month are:

1. Communicate Through Blogs Effectively
2. Bloggers Unite for Human Rights
3. Ethics of Justice or Ethics of Care?

Random happiness

1. This blog is 365 days old today. Tomorrow is its birthday. :D

2. Three posts of this blog have been featured on (on her Fetching Friday series) which is an indicator of writing quality posts. Even though I posted 7 posts this month, the number of featured posts has increased. The featured posts are:

Reader Appreciation

Top commentator
Life as i know it is nothing without its readers. I’m very proud to say that this blog has a very dedicated readership. I thank all the readers from the bottom of my heart. And it gives me great pleasure to say that, the most number of comments were shared by UPrinting this month.

Commentator of the month
The most appreciated comment is shared by Melinda this month. The commentator says:
…Since the project is outside of work, using work materials (to me) would be unethical so I would not use material from my place of business--at least not without asking permission.

If I couldn't afford to pay for the materials I needed--and say, it was a good cause (the project), I would probably ask my employer if he/she would make a donation to the cause. If he said no, then I might ask if I could buy the material from them for cost and have the $$ taken out of my paycheck.

If I couldn't afford the material--then I would not do the project. Taking material from work is essentially stealing and I wouldn't do that…view the post.
Thank you all for being with Life as I know it throughout the month of July. I hope your love for this blog will never fade away.

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  1. Irtiza--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so happy you continued blogging--I remember when you weren't sure you wanted to. The blogosphere is a far more interesting place with you in it.

    Thank you, also, for naming me as the top commentator! That was so nice of you!

    Take care,


  2. Wow, thank you so much!
    Your blog is really interesting and I always enjoy reading your posts and sharing with you my thoughts and opinions.
    Congratulations on your blog's anniversary! You can count on me to continue reading :) More power!

  3. @UPrinting, thanks for these inspiring words.

  4. I'm sorry I have not been around much. I'm in week 2 of an acute fibromylagia flare-up and barely hanging in keeping our business going. Best wishes to you and a Happy Belated Birthday.